Our Law Firm offers specific assistance and consultancy in the following areas:  

  • labour law, 
  • trade union law, 
  • social security legislation,
  • corporate welfare,
  • restructuring of companies,
  • company regulations and policy.

Our activity is mainly focused on giving assistance to Employers and Managers.

As an example, the Law Firm provides assistance and counselling in the following activities: 

  • definition of employment contract types, drafting of employment contracts, self-employment contracts and continuous coordinated collaboration contracts; agency relationships; tender contracts and related replacements and takeovers;
  • drafting of company regulations, disciplinary codes and Codes of Ethics;
  • drafting of non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, stability agreements;
  • modification to contract terms (transfer, posting, changes in job description and contract type, allowances over basic pay, production bonuses, and other terms);
  • salary, analysis and optimisation of its components, changes in amount and composition; working hours;
  • supervision of workers and privacy;
  • collective bargaining;
  • restructuring of companies, outsourcing, personnel reduction, collective redundancies, individual dismissals and transfer of company branches;
  • demotions, rights to contract level modifications also due to the carrying out of higher-level tasks, discrimination and mobbing;
  • disciplinary proceedings;
  • safety in the workplace, accidents at work and occupational diseases;
  • management of disputes regarding inspections and social security aspects; debt management and collection;
  • management and protection of the entrepreneur’s assets;
  • assistance in Court; in arbitration procedures and out-of-court negotiations before local authorities and trade unions.